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Shandong WNN Industrial Co., Ltd is located at Weifang City, Shandongprovince, the World Kite Capital. It is near Jiaoji railway and Jiqing highexpress. The traffic is very convenient. WNN was founded in the year 2010.Tracing the history, our business was from 2001. In these years we focused onthe researching .producing and trading of chemical products. Our company hasdeveloped and expanded fast in the past years. On base of the advantage of thelocal resources, our chemical products include mining chemicals, flavor &fragrances, food and feed additives, oil chemicals, fine chemicals and others. Nowwe are in the field of domestic trade, international trade and electronicbusiness.

Under the modern management, we have a group of excellent staff.They always release their potential to creative their biggest value on thecompany platform.

Our lab has the whole testing machine and equipment. It will help usinsuring the quality and improving the quality.

Our clients are over Americas, Europe, South and East Asia,Middle-East. We are the business partners and we also friends. We would verylike to grow with you together.

Xanthate,potassium amyl xanthate, dithiophosphate, calcium bromide, allicin , betaine,caldium formate, calcium propionate, curdlan gum, diallyl disulfide, diallylsulfide, erythritol, ethoxyquin, formic acid, garlic oil, glucose syrup,maltodextrin, mannitol, neotam, potassium carbonate, sodium benzoate,sorbitol, xylitol, xylite, aspirin, glycolic acid, sodium polysulfide,potassium polysulphide, thiodiglycolic acid, wellan gum,citronella oil, citral,linalool, carvacrol, origanum oil, oregano oil,