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Ethyl maltol
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Ethyl maltol

Brand: WNN
Other name: /
Specification: 99%
CAS NO.: 4940-11-8
Packing: 25kg/drum

Ethyl maltol

CAS NO.:4940-11-8

Ethyl maltol has remarkable fruit flavor and improves and increases the fruit-sweet flavor and the taste of the product and also removes the uncomfortable taste or smell such as bitter, irritation and tartness. It can be widely applied to dried fruit produce, nature fruit juice, beverage, wine, milk products, soy sauce, herb medicine, cosmetic and all kind of flavor and fragrance compound, special effect on tobacco flavor.

CHEMICAL NAME:   3-Hydroxy-2- Ethyl -4-Pyrone



PROPERTIES: A white, crystalline powder, a characteristic odor and a sweet, fruit like flavor in dilute solution. One gram dissolves in about 55ml of water, in 10ml of 95% ethanol, in 17ml of propylene glycol and 5ml of chloroform. It melts at about 90℃.

FUNCTION AND APPLICATION:   Ethyl maltol is an extensive flavor enhancer and multifunctional taste improver, which is extracted from agricultural by-product with advanced synthetic technology. It has a remarkable effect on upgrading the aroma of the flavor and improving the taste of the product.

QUALITY STANDARD:      Be in accordance with U.S.A.   FCC

PACKAGE:    Sealed by polyethylene bag inside

Paper barrel:     NW25KG    size 35cm *40cm

Carboard carton:   NW10KG   size 52cm* 32cm *22cm

Composite can:   NW0.5kg

STORAGE:   Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid being store in iron containers. Protect from light and keep containers closed. Avoid contamination from other special smell. Shelf life: two years